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RAN Wireless is a full turn-key wireless telecommunication services integrator / installation and engineering company specializing in In-Building DAS and Outdoor Wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  We are fully experienced in Neutral Host DAS, which has significant benefits.


At RAN Wireless, we work with each client to determine the appropriate solution to their wireless needs.  We have the experience to develop the most cost effective DAS solution and the skills to design and install the required system and all components.



We are responsible for all deployments call for detailed Constructions Surveys, RF Benchmarking, gathering of CW Test Data, User Pattern Analysis inside the venues and understanding of all design considerations.


  • Building inspection

  • Roof accessibility

  • Firewalls and other RF obstructions

  • AC power, grounding and environmental controls

  • Identification and/or verification of cable pathways

  • Identification or verification of  head-end and remote equipment locations

  • Determination or verification of possible locations and placements of Donor and Coverage Antenna

  • Propogation analysis

  • Understanding received signal strength indicator (RSSI) requirements in the targeted service areas

  • Detailed report of our findings



We work with clients to design the most effective and appropriate Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)/Wireless solution for their facility, whether it is in-building or for an outdoor venue. we ensure that the DAS will meet or exceed expectations.


  • Distributed Antenna System design based on specific client requirements

  • System overview

  • Proposed equipment locations

  • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations

  • Preliminary cable pathway determination Radio Frequency (RF) design parameters

  • Link budget calculations based on our custom design and accounting for feeder cable, splitters, couplers, and other active and passive components

  • Design parameters

  • Summary of system capabilities



We work closely with our clients to identify the best resources for each project and to ensure that our personnel respect sensitive working environments and minimize any disruptions of ongoing business production and operations. 


  • Distributed Antenna System design based on specific client requirements

  • Schedule Management

  • Quality Control and QualityAssurance

  • Cost Estimates

  • Project Status Reporting

  • Project Leadership



We have Years of experience in Pre Launch Support and Maintenance of networks. We are responsible for detailed RF measurements, detecting and rectifying the problems caused by radio, improper parameter settings or network faults.


  • Drive data collection scheduling

  • Drive data collection and uploading to ftp server for secure access and prelaunch processing

  • Verify log files are uploaded on the FTP server

  • Process log files of the collected data on local Actix machines

  • Create AT&T GNG repository in Actix Spotlight

  • Generate GNG reports

  • Generate Individual Drive and Scanning Plots



We produce high speed databases, vendor neutral KPIs and a team of highly trained and experienced engineers to perform post launch optimization of the networks.


  • Analyzing Network Retainability 

  •  Analyzing Network Accessibility 

  • Analyze IFHO issues

  • Parameter audit

  • Post Launch KPI’s analysis

  • Post Launch daily, weekly and monthly trending

  • Identifying top and worst offenders

  • Actively seeks peer review and advice





Maintaining and upgrading a DAS requires technical expertise and skilled personnel.  RAN Wireless provides this key function to our clients to help them maximize their investment and to minimize service disruption. 


  • Optimization

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Equipment Reconfiguration

  • Acceptance Test Procedures

  • System Performance Tests

  • Coverage Analysis

  • Antenna Line Sweeps

  • Equipment Inventory

  • RF Data Collection


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