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We at RAN Wireless have been continiously involved in optimising lot of DAS Venues.The prime objectives are to validate antenna connectivity, correct PSC/PCI at acceptable signal levels and once the site is on air based on live traffic to reach the KPI thresholds for Accessbility, Reliability and Data throughputs. DAS optimisation is a continious process and we have been a part of it.

  • Anomalies such as incorrect BCCH/PSC/PCI or antennas not transmitting must be escalated, and resolved immediately



  • Additionally, DAS issues must be investigated where applicable – for example, if anomalies are seen where there is an apparent mismatch in coverage between carriers connected to the same antenna, the DAS settings/cabling should be checked


  • The above data shall be imported into iBwave to generate a report that will advise of the deviation from the original design propagation predictions 


  • Upon successful completion and site verification during the RF Validation phase the site is unbarred to take on live traffic and later optimized on live traffic to reach KPI Threshold's.



  • Basic check of the DAS and Node B Equipmentfor any issues with cabling, antenna installation, and verify all componentsare alarm free

  • Verify the UL RSSI measurements at Node B level ahead of optimization for any interference.

  • Verify if all macro downtilts have been completed

  • Any issues identified must be communicated to the customer

  • Review and verify status of the parameterstrategy appropriate to the venue

  • Review of Hi-cap, Mid-cap parameters check-list

  • Idle mode strategy

  • Defining the inter-frequency (IFHO), intra-frequency and inter system HO strategy

  • Capacity offload/Layer management

  • Soft hand over (SHO) strategy

  • Strategy tointeract with the Macro

  • DAS Optimization - UL Sensitivity

  • PRACH Parameters

RFV Package

  • RFV Automated Reports from ACTIX

  • RFV Summary Report (Antenna Validation, pilot Polution Analysis & TX1/TX2 imbalance

  • Individual SC/PCI Plots for Scanner

  • Issues and Recommendations



  • ACTIX Standard post-processing tools to produce reports and recommendations provided

  • Missing data points for each zone- Venue/Transient/Macro

  • Acuracy of data collection

  • Correct call modelsexecuted for respective UE

  • Any antennas not transmitting

  • Incorrect PSC or PCI or BCCH

  • Ingress from Macro-tilt change recommendations ?

  • Egress from DAS-changes to DAS antennas ?

  • DAS antennas overshooting/pilot pollution - changes to DAS antennas

  • SHO/HO functionality - missing Excessive neighbors

  • HO between DAS and Macro at all exits and vice versa

  • All changes to be approved by customerand ensure timely implememtation of all changes recommended.



  • Based on the walk testing KPI's

  • All isues should be resolved before acceptance



  • Based on the live traffic

  • Green KPI's for at least two high capcity events or 10 days

RFO CA Package

  • RFO CA Automated Reports from ACTIX

  • RFO Summary Report UMTS (RSCP/ECNO  for best server, Macro Ingress/Egress pilot)

  • RFO Summary Report LTE (RSRP/RSRQ for best server, Macro Ingress/Egress, TX1/TX2 sectors & Throughput Analysis)

  • Event Analysis

  • Issues and Recommendations

RFO FA Package

Final presentation showing the KPI's and the parameters changes done during event monitoring for at least two high capacity events

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