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Course Summary


  • 4G LTE basic Principles

  • LTE Network Architecture

  • LTE Idle Mobility

  • IMS in LTE Network

  • Voice support in LTE

  • LTE Handover (Events & Related Parameters)

  • 4G LTE Drive test

  • 4G LTE RF Optimizaion

  • LTE Feature Performance

After attending this program, you should be able to


  • Define the architecture of LTE Network vis-à-vis 3G network

  • Explain and relate LTE Technology to Network Elements

  • Understand the traffic concepts of LTE Networks to manage & operate the Networks

  • Understand different interfaces & signaling protocols in LTE Networks

  • Understand various transport network technologies & topologies

  • Perform LTE Optimization


4G LTE Basic Priciples


  • Challenges to Modern Wireless Communication

  • Concept of Air Interface

  • LTE Physical Layer

  • Digital Modulation



LTE Network Architecture


  • System Architecture Evolution (SAE)

  • Network Architecture and Interfaces


LTE Idle Mobility 


  • Cell Selection

  • Cell Reselection with GSM (2G)

  • Cell Reselection with UMTS (3G)

  • Tracking and Routing Area Update

  • Paging Operation


IMS in LTE Networks


  • IMS Network Architecture

  • End-to-end signalling and traffic flow

  • VoIP and IMS Protocols


Voice Support in LTE


  • CS-Fallback

  • VoLTE

  • SR-VCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity)




LTE Handover (events and related parameter)


  • X2-based handover

  • S1-based handover

  • Inter-RAT handover with GSM (2G)

  • Inter-RAT handover with UMTS (3G)


4G LTE Drive Test


  • LTE Drive test RF Parameter

  • LTE Drive test step & Procedure

  • Accessibility test

  • Retainability test

  • Throughput test




  • Configuration Parameters

  • PCI Planning

  • PRACH Planning

  • RF Operational Parameters

  • Cell Search Parameter

  • Handover in LTE networks

  • Power Control Overview

  • KPI in LTE Network Accessibility, Retainability & Mobility


LTE Feature Performance


  • Beamforming

  • IRC

  • Comparison Static ICIC and Dynamic ICIC

  • Self Optimization Network : AMR

  • Self Optimization Network : CSFB




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