RAN Wireless's In-building solutions bring clear outdoor cellular signals to the indoors! Signals are then distributed throughout the venues, such as airports, malls, sports arenas, casinos, hospitals and convention centers, this dramatically improves the coverage for texting, voice, and data services. Our systems are designed and built to handle future upgrades or expansions without impacting or impairing existing services. These solutions include accommodations for all of the wireless carriers’ network services, including the latest 4G, LTE, WiMAX and MIMO requirements.





The stratospheric growth in the use of mobile devices has meant that the provision of wireless communication within the majority of buildings has become not only expected, but in many instances mandatory. Both mobile and public safety operators face the challenge of delivering comprehensive coverage within a building in an affordable manner.
The ability to achieve good quality coverage from external base stations is increasingly difficult, due to environmental legislation around building construction, which not only improves thermal efficiency, but also effectively shields the building from a wireless respective. RAN Wireless’s comprehensive range of in building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings ensuring high quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.


Delivering high capacity wireless coverage across campus or hypermarket infrastructure or indeed small dense urban areas has become a key requirement for wireless operators across the world. The advent of smartphones which are heavily in use in these environments puts increased pressure on the capacity load of the network, particularly due to the scale and nature of such complexes. The ability to provide full and comprehensive coverage when and where it is needed is key.
RAN Wireless’s high capacity and coverage products provide an infrastructure capable of supporting multi sector and multi band systems for both public safety and cellular operators thus ensuring users of both services can make full use of their communications networks.


High peak capacity of network is a main requirement of stadium and there is also a need of temporary dedicated coverage to off-load the macro cell network during these events.

Our goal is simple - we enhance the experience for the fan, we improve the business environment for the concessionaires, connect broadcasters to the world and help operations of the stadium through the common use of a distributed antenna system (DAS) and a managed fiber optic network.


Widely adopted safety legislation means that comprehensive communications for the emergency services is an essential requirement within all types of tunnels. In many instances multiple wireless networks, whether these be VHF or UHF, are required to operate alongside one another. Add to this the need for both radio broadcast and cellular mobile services within the tunnel and the result is a complex multi band system in a confined area.
RAN Wireless has unequalled experience and expertise in this field, gained over the last 10 years, and has delivered multi-operator, multi band wireless coverage systems into the most complex and challenging tunnel environments in every corner of the globe.


Extending the reach of wireless communications into rural or remote areas is a growing problem for all types of network operators. The very nature of the environment means that services such as power are difficult to deliver and very often it is both impractical and uneconomical to deliver coverage using a traditional base station approach.
RAN Wireless has pioneered the concepts of using frequency shifting and band shifting repeaters to deliver an easily deployable, low cost and low maintenance coverage system which is equally applicable for both public safety and cellular wireless.

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